Monday, June 17, 2019

OTW Breakout Sessions: A Town Hall Discussion

OTW 2017 is just around the corner, and we are getting our travel plans in order and putting our conference schedules together.  There are some really exciting Breakout Sessions we’ll be offering this year, and we asked our Breakout Session facilitators to share a little more about their workshops. Learn more at OTW2017.ORG.

A Town Hall Discussion – What does the field of Theater for Young Audiences look like in 2036? And how could TYA/USA help facilitate that vision? With Andrew Frank

What is the “Big Question or Idea” you plan to explore at OTW? What conversation are you starting?  I think the title of this says it all!  We so rarely get a chance to meet as a field and discuss big issues.  For this discussion I am really hoping we can dream about the future and set in motion so plans to help the field grow.

Why is now the right time to engage participants in this topic?  Now is the time because the world is changing and we are all together.  The stories we tell our children are more crucial than ever and we need a field that is vibrant and alive in order for those stories to be as varied and dynamic as possible.

 How does your session tie into the OTW theme “Innovate/Activate”? Planning the future of our field is all about our need to innovate and activate!  I am very excited to see what ideas come from our collective conscious.  As the current President of TYA/USA I am genuinely hoping we can generate some exciting ideas that years from now we’ll look back and say – that was an OTW17 idea!

 What are you most excited about attending at OTW (besides your session)?  I’m excited about it all!  The best part is to meet so many people from across the country that have the same goals and pursuits in mind.  If I must mention one – it has to be “All the World’s a Stage: Growing Theatre at Your Local Garden.”  One – because I love plants and am a closet Horticulturist.  Second because collaborating with local cultural institutions is so important. And third because David Kilpatrick is a big reason I got involved with TYA/USA in the first place.

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