Sunday, April 21, 2019

OTW 2017 – Breakout Sessions; Youth and Activism

OTW 2017 is just around the corner, and we are getting our travel plans in order and putting our conference schedules together.  There are some really exciting Breakout Sessions we’ll be offering this year, and we asked our Breakout Session facilitators to share a little more about their workshops. Learn more at OTW2017.ORG.

Youth and Activism, with Dexter J. Singleton 

What is the “Big Question or Idea” you plan to explore at OTW? How can young people take an active role in using the arts for social change in today’s society?

What conversation are you starting? What are social issues young people are interested in today? How are young people feeling in today climate with all that is going on in our country? How have you seen young people react to what they’ve been recently seeing in the news and online? Are your young people seeing increased tension, discrimination or bigotry in their schools and communities? How can a young person be an ally? What can adults do to help youth explore social issues they are passionate about?

Why is now the right time to engage participants in this topic? Young people need an outlet to explore what they might be feeling about the world today. Many schools and communities have seen a rise in discrimination and bigotry. We need to look at ways to help youth figure out these feelings and explore positive ways to identify and tackle important social issues.

How does your session tie into the OTW theme “Innovate/Activate”? Social change is needed in our society more than ever. We are seeing basic human rights of adults and youth at risk. It is time for all youth and adults to be socially active and seek justice more than ever. There is an immediate need to mobilize, collaborate and share resources to achieve social change. We cannot forget about the voice of the youth. They must be given an opportunity to be leaders in the movement for change.

What are you most excited about attending at OTW (besides your session)? Looking forward to Youth Speak and the Song Slam. I generally enjoy most of what OTW has to offer. I’m always excited to meet new artists and reconnect with those I haven’t seen in a while. The opportunity for new relationships, collaborations and new work is inspiring.

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