Thursday, May 23, 2019

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We hope you’ve been enjoying our on-going interview series “Advice for Young Professional”, but we’ve decided to turn the tables and give the Young Professionals an opportunity to speak for themselves.

With our work in Theater & Theater Education, we are cultivating the next generation of artists, educators, directors, and designers. We tell our students and our children that it is absolutely possible to have a career in the arts and to follow your dreams. But the reality is that unpaid “internships” don’t pay the bills. Young artists need a realistic roadmap to a successful career in the arts.

We’ve asked young professionals to speak to the doors they’ve opened, have tried to open, and still can’t seem to find the key for. We also asked working professionals, further along in their careers, to speak to what they look for in young hires and how they got to this place in their careers.

We’re looking to start a dialogue about careers in the arts and how to make your own mark artistically, professionally, and economically. The blogs you’ll read in the coming weeks are responses to and inspired around the following questions:

– How did/are you creating your own opportunities as an artist? What worked? What didn’t?

– As a professional, do you think it’s easier or more difficult for younger artists to make a career today than in the past?

-What do you look for when hiring or working with young & emerging artists/professionals?

– How do/did you as a young professional decide which unpaid opportunities are worth your time to build skills and connections, and which aren’t worth your time? Is there a difference?

In these blogs, we hope to explore that  that sticky transition from (hopefully) paid intern to working professional. Do you freelance? Do you create your own work? Do you take a desk job? Or is your art just a hobby while you work your “real job”? Everyone’s story is different, but we hope that these blogs will make you think about your career; the one you already have or the one you are still working for.

Add your voice by commenting on the blog posts or submitting one on this topic to NEXTBlog. Any interested bloggers should send an email or blog post to

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