Sunday, April 21, 2019

Calling all students, young professionals and emerging artists in TYA!

Hey students, interns, fellows, young professionals and emerging artists in TYA,

Is there someone in the field that you have been dying to connect with about their work? Is there someone whom you really admire and would LOVE an excuse to talk to them and interview them?  Is there someone that you met at One Theater World (or wish you met at One Theater World) whom you would like to further your connection to?  Is there a professor or artistic director or education director whom you would like to work with in the near future?

If so, TYA/USA Blog has the PERFECT excuse for you to finally talk to them. TYA/USA Blog seeks students, interns and emerging artists to conduct and write up interviews with established artists and practitioners in TYA.

TYA/USA Blog wants to YOU to interview TYA artists on how they got started in the field, what keeps them here, the current challenges they see the field facing and advice for emerging artists such as yourself!

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you are interested in this exciting opportunity to connect with leaders in the field, send an email to meredythpederson at with a name, a few names, or a general area of interest (i.e. anything as specific as “I’d love to talk to Suzan Zeder” to a general, “I’d love to talk to a playwright” is great).
  2. The TYA/USA Blog committee will connect you via email to your artist/practitioner to interview.
  3. You will send a follow-up email to schedule a time to speak with them.
  4. You’ll write up your interview in a format of your choosing. Including the all important question: How has TYA/USA helped your career? (The TYA/USA Blog committee is happy to be a resource to you as you write, if needed!)
  5. You’ll send your blog posts to Meredyth with a short bio of yourself, a short bio of the interview subject, and a logo and graphic from their theater company and they will be up on TYA/USA Blog for all the world to see! (You know you’re excited.)

We are going to post these interviews all school year, so your deadline is May 15th!

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