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One Theatre World Speakers: Finegan Kruckemeyer

Who is having an inspiring, exciting, incredible time at  TYA/USA’s biggest event-One Theatre World in conjunction with Cleveland’s Playhouse Square and their acclaimed International Children’s Festival this week?   Who is crushed that you didn’t make it this year?

Well to learn more about the closing speaker (or make you even more jealous  that you aren’t in Cleveland this week), David Kilpatrick and Alicia Lark Fuss interviewed the keynote speakers and master class facilitators.   Excerpts from the interviews are in TYA Today.  Here is the entire interview.

Finegan is the closing night speaker.


1) What is the first play you remember seeing that made an impression?

The Postman by Theatre Velo. I watched it soon after arriving in Australia when I was eight, and the unapologetic naughtiness of the postman, the wonders that unfolded from each appropriated parcel, and the way he made us willing co-conspirators, sticks firmly in the memory.

2) What upcoming project(s) are you most excited about in 2013?

The writing of this keynote for OTW is proving to be a great pleasure. I’m also writing a number of plays for commissioning companies, and a number more for myself. Stateside, La Jolla in San Diego has given me a lovely invitation to invent, and the Trusty Sidekick/SCT co-pro The Boy at the Edge of Everything will see a work that’s received New Visions, Cleveland Playhouse and New Victory support, finally throw open its curtain.

3) If you could have a coffee (or an adult beverage) with someone in or related to the field of TYA (living or deceased), who would it be and why?

I’d subvert the question by pluralizing it (sorry), and have the coffee with those unknown heroes both here and gone (Maurice Sendak, Shaun Tan, Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, Erich Kästner). And then the beer with those TYA colleagues already known and liked (many of whom will be at OTW) – those adult drinks are for sharing with friends.

4) What advice would you give to a graduating student seeking to enter this field?

If you find yourself making allowances for a child audience, acknowledge that these allowances represent not only what they can handle, but rather what you yourself can handle telling them. Then diligently work to explore where that fear in you comes from, and where you might be braver.

5) What are you most excited about regarding attending One Theatre World?

Seeing friends and colleagues who I’m usually separated from by a large ocean. Witnessing talks and performances that will no doubt inspire. And receiving the lovely impetus that this keynote provides, in pushing me to in some small way objectively distil thoughts on a subject that encompasses so much of my working life.

Finegan Kruckemeyer has had 57 commissioned plays performed on five continents, and was an inaugural recipient of the $160,000 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship. This year 13 works (including eight premieres) perform worldwide, with seasons in five Australian states, and in China, England, Germany, Indonesia, and the United States. In Germany, he is represented by Rowohlt Agency.

To date, Finegan’s plays have had seasons in: 50 Australian and international festivals; five consecutive IPAY North American invited showcases; seven Australian states; five UK national tours; and at Australia’s Sydney Opera House (five works), Ireland’s Dublin Theatre Festival (two works, one at the Abbey Theatre), Scotland’s Imaginate Festival (two works), Shanghai’s Malan Flower Theatre, New York’s New Victory Theater (two works) and New York University, and DC’s Kennedy Center for the Arts (in the prestigious New Visions/New Voices programme).

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