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One Theatre World Master Class: Daryl Beeton

So TYA/USA’s biggest event-One Theatre World  in conjunction with Cleveland’s Playhouse Square and their acclaimed International Children’s Festival is in full swing!  Who is having a rockin time in Cleveland?   Who is crushed that you can’t make it this year?

Well to whet your appetite , learn more about the speakers you heard or took classes from, (or to rub it in that you aren’t in Cleveland this week), David Kilpatrick and Alicia Lark Fuss interviewed the keynote speakers and master class facilitators.   Excerpts from the interviews are in TYA Today.  Here is the entire interview.

Daryl Beeton

Daryl is teaching a master class at One Theatre World.

1)      What is the first play you remember seeing that made an impression?

One of the first shows that really made an impression on me, was Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco. It was the first time I’d seen a show that broke all form of the traditions of theatre that I’d become used to. Bizarre, funny, the use of imagery and metaphor blew my mind and started my teenage obsession with all things absurd!

2)      What upcoming project(s) are you most excited about in 2013?

In 2013 Kazzum will be producing the final part of our Site-Specific trilogy for teenage audiences. a series of three site specific, promenade performances that evolve and become more ambitious, but with a central character that we meet at different stages of her life over a 6 year period. It began in 2008 with ‘HUNT’, then in 2011 with ‘The Girl Who..’ and now 2013 with ‘Waiting Game’! These shows do not fit the classic idea of “children’s theatre”, it’s fully-fledged “grown-up” theatre that deals with complex ideas and mature themes that are relevant to them, produced and delivered in a way that is accessible without being simplistic.

3)      If you could have a coffee (or an adult beverage) with someone in or related to the field of TYA (living or deceased), who would it be and why?

Although only slightly related to the field of TYA I would love to have a coffee with Tim Burton. His views on young audiences and their intelligence has always chimed with mine. He never underestimates his audience and provides such a rich visual and quirky view of the world, life and death…. He doesn’t shy away from the ‘taboo’ and I respect that.

4)      What advice would you give to a graduating student seeking to enter this field?

Don’t underestimate your audience, give it a go, take risks and listen to your audiences. Many people describe young audiences as the “audiences of tomorrow”. For me this is an insult to our work and the audiences. Our role is to provoke the imaginations of today’s young audiences, so their inspired and want to come back tomorrow.

5)      What are you most excited about regarding attending One Theatre World?

I’m excited to be invited, it’s a great opportunity to see work, meet other theatre makers and explore different people’s approaches to making theatre for young audiences. A chance to look beyond the confines of your own country and feel a part of a One Theatre World.

Daryl Beeton is Artistic Director at Kazzum, a theatre company dedicated to producing fresh, relevant theatrical experiences for young audiences up to the age of 16. Kazzum produce outdoor family shows for children up to the age of eight, and more grown-up site specific shows for young people aged ten and upwards. Yet theatre isn’t theatre without an audience, so young people are crucial to what Kazzum do at every stage.
Kazzum is an inclusive company and works with Disabled and non-Disabled artists, audiences and participants. Kazzum don’t create work just to explore issues but, like all good theatre, intend to make young people think.

As recognition of his work in this field, Daryl was named as a cultural leader in 2010 as part of the Independent Streets Arts Network (ISAN) Outdoor Arts Leadership Network. The Network consists of 15 current leaders and innovators, creating and producing work in the outdoor arts sector.  

A disabled director and performer, Daryl started his career at Central Television Drama Workshop, in Nottingham, where he performed in a variety of children’s TV shows. Working as an actor for many years, in theatre, radio, TV and film, allowed Daryl to explore and formulate his own approach.

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