Friday, February 23, 2018

It’s that time for college students and grad students to start looking for the perfect job in theater for young audiences this summer and next fall.   AND it’s that time of year when theater administrators are looking for ways to make budget numbers work.   So it is INTERNSHIP time!

There are amazing internship experiences that are well organized, quality educational experiences that help students learn about our field and even lead eventually to satisfying real jobs that pay money!


There are also terrible internship experiences where interns are treated like indentured servants and glorified coffee runners.   And other internships which are the opposite of what was promised.  Others theaters throw their interns are thrown into the sea to sink without any life vests!


So our next exciting TYA/USA blog topic is going to be internships!   We are reaching out to current interns to ask for their advice to students when applying for internships AND to education directors with advice to theaters when starting internship experiences.

We hope to also collect information about current internship opportunities within our field.

So if you are a current student with questions, or a former intern with war stories or inspiring experiences, or an experienced administrator with advice EMAIL me at  and join the conversation!

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