Friday, April 19, 2019

Memories of ASSITJ World Congress: Montreal from Gary

The World Congress in Montreal was an amazing experience for me as a student and fan of TYA. I was selected to be one of the interns for the WC and worked closely with organizers, ASSITEJ members, and of course, the other interns (with Roxanne Schroeder-Arce as our fearless leader). Two things I remember vividly that would be reason enough for any person to attend the WC- First, I was able to see/attend dozens of shows, panels, talks, and other events with practitioners from all over the world. I am infatuated with theatre from outside the U.S. and being immersed in so much of it, I was on creative overload. The candle-lit/shadow version of Don Quixote is a memory I won’t soon forget; the circus show Typo was also amazing for me to see; Cargo was also something that impressed me with the use of space and unique prop/set items. Overall, I saw 24 pieces of theatre and sat in on a dozen panels…

Second (and to some more important) was getting to know Montreal as a metropolis. I had never spent any time in Montreal, and the WC opened up all of that city’s wonders to us. We even attended a ceremony celebrating the World Congress where I got to meet some of the politicians who run the city. Being in the middle of Montreal’s art centers, theatre, museums, and meeting many of the presenting organizations, helped make my nearly two weeks there something I will never forget.

So- GO!

Gary Minyard Artistic Director Pennsylvania Youth Theatre

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