Sunday, April 21, 2019

One Theatre World Seattle: A Pre-Welcome from Bob Evans SCT Trustee

As a trustee of the Seattle Children’s Theater, host of this year’s One Theater World conference I wanted to pass on my pre-welcome to the big event.  TYA is an amazing organization and we are very excited to have so many of its members here in Seattle in May.  Seattle is a wonderful city for this event to take place.  We have so much live theater and other performance work going on all the time.  It is a thriving community that supports theater.  Despite our reputation for being the “rainy city”,  we actually get less rain than Chicago.  It is a fun place to be in May whether you are inside or outside.  The Seattle Children’s Theater is on the grounds of the Seattle Center, the site of the 1962 World’s Fair and now is a major hub for the arts in the city.  You will be steps away from the Space Needle, The Science Center, The Opera, The Seattle Repertory Theater, Book-It Repertory Theater, Pacific North West Ballet, The Intiman Theater, Seattle Shakespeare Theater, The Children’s Museum,  The Experience Music Project, The Museum of Science Fiction to name a few the things on just the Center grounds alone.  There are also sports and concert venues.  You will also be arriving during Giant Magnet. The International Children’s Festival that takes place every year on the Center grounds.  There is so much going on all over the city.

We are excited to have talented people from all over the country bringing their ideas to share about theater for young people.  We look forward to meeting and sharing ideas and showing off our beautiful theater facility.  We have two very different performance spaces, an amazing scene shop that the world can watch creativity happen through the huge windows that face the side walk.  We have three rehearsal spaces that have walls of glass that overlook Puget Sound. We also have a wonderful space for our world class Drama School.  This will be an amazing event I know that will all take home rich experiences and make new friends.  I look forward meeting many of you in person in May and sharing my love of great theater for kids.

Bob Evans

SCT Trustee

Chair of the Education Committee

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