Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Go to One Theatre World 2011

Ernie Nolan (TYA/USA board member and head of the OTW 2011 Committee) offers his top 10 reasons to come to Seattle May 11-13th

10. It’s in Seattle! Hello! Space needle….coffee…. thrown fish at the market.

9. Knowing the folks in charge, there’s sure to be a good caterer for the parties.

8. Attending the international performances you can learn firsthand the correct pronunciation of “Guangdong”, as in the The Puppet Troupe of Guangdong Province.

7. Who wouldn’t want to know the People’s Choice Forum voted on by conference attendees? We’re hoping there are no hanging chads!

6. Special performances from American as well as international companies!

5. Playing “How Many Business Cards Can I Get?” by networking at the conferences’ many opportunities.

4. A Top Secret surprise. Will it be a special guest? Special event? Viral TYA dance party? All of the above?

3.  Steven Dietz and Linda Hartzel in an Inside the Actors Studio-esque conversation. Wouldn’t you like to know Steven’s answers to the Bernard Pivot questionnaire?

2. Tim Web of London’s Oily Cart ‘s keynote and workshops. Hearing Tim speak has been described as “life changing.”

1. We haven’t had a TYA USA national gathering in four years! It’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of our community.

What are YOUR reasons for coming to OTW?

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    1. David Kilpatrick

      I’m looking forward to reconnecting with TYA folks from around the country – and to meet others who have recently entered the field. Can’t wait to see some shows through GIANT MAGNET. And the Tim Webb Baby Theatre workshop! It’s going to be an awesome few days.

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