Thursday, May 23, 2019

Difference through Language, Dress and Story: Roxanne’s Response

I am really invigorated about TYA/USA’s next Phone Forum.  Representing
Difference Through Language, Dress and Story. I am especially excited that
in this national dialogue we will be looking at questions and dialoguing
about representations in TYA. Who is and how is your season representing the
people in and outside of your communities? When you walk into a theatre, do
you notice who is and who is not in the room? How does the answer to who’s
in the room relate to what is on the stage? We have  cyclical pattern of
many people being underrepresented in our (US) theatres, on stage and in the
audiences. And many artists have shared stories of challenges– not knowing
the plays, not having the pool of actors, “minority plays” not proving
financially viable, issues of appropriation. The challenges articulated are
many. It’s time we come together and share our challenges, successes and
resources as a field to move forward in this area. I am really excited about
how we can push this boulder together. I am thrilled that Randy Reinholz and
David Saar will share their challenges and successes! Come on along.and
bring your questions, ideas, biases, perspective and resources to share! The
field needs your attention and voice on this critical dialogue! “See” you on
the phone.soon!
Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Theatre Studies Program

Department of Theatre and Dance
The University of Texas at Austin

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