Sunday, April 21, 2019

As I was finishing up my graduate work at University of Central Florida, I was faced with the dreaded job-search. At the time, I was preparing for a residency at Visible Fictions in Scotland and feeling very unsure about my future. Amidst all the uncertainty of moving to another country only to return to the USA jobless, I felt the need for something safe and familiar. After much debating, I decided at this point my best move would be back to Omaha, NE where I began my career at the Omaha Theater Company. So I returned to a company full of people who know me and would challenge me based on my recent successes and growth throughout grad school. While at first it felt like a step back to return to the place where I began my career as a teaching artist, I now realize that I am given opportunities that ultimately prepare me for what I hope will be the next big step in my career. Here I am given the chance to take risks in an environment that I know and feel comfortable in. My co-workers, many of whom have already earned Masters Degrees, challenge me to dig deeper and put into practice the theories I learned. Omaha may not be forever, but I know that my return has created an opportunity for me to evaluate the path to the next step in my journey.

Amanda Kibler, 2010 Graduate of University of Central Florida’s MFA in TYA program

Current Teaching Artist at the Omaha Theater Company for Young People

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