Monday, April 22, 2019

TYA Thoughts from SF: Part 2: Why Join TYA/USA?

Megan Ann, Gillian, Stan, Pam, Joan, Barry, Megan, Daphnie (all fellow board members), many other TYA members, and I attended the 2010 AATE Conference in San Francisco….Here are a few thoughts from the weekend of theater, education, and inspiration….

Thursday August 4th: Why join TYA/USA?
TYA/USA got a booth at the AATE Conference which I manned for a shift on Thursday morning.  As I reconnected to all of my AATE friends (whom I hadn’t seen in a year or two), the conversation eventually steered toward:  Why Are You a Member of TYA/USA?  I’ve been a member (as an individual or through my theater) for fourteen years (since I attended my first conference as a grad student) and hadn’t really articulated why as a TYA artist,  this professional membership is important to me.   So here is my spiel:

1.  As a Theater for Young Audiences professional artist, TYA/USA is the premiere organization to connect to high quality professional theater for young audiences in the United States.  TYA/USA keeps me up to date on artistic trends, challenges in the field, and inspiring new work.  TYA/USA keeps me connected to my colleagues in the field

2.  TYA/USA is the best source for a connection to the international TYA community.

3.  One Theater World conferences are amazing opportunities to see quality TYA from around the world.

4.  The Marquee is an incredible asset for me as a playwright.  By listing every TYA company’s season and its script submission process, I can market my plays intelligently and efficiently.

5.  It is an important organization for networking and getting work.  My job at the Omaha Theater Company started with an internship forged by a connection between one of my grad school professors and the executive director at the OTC.

6.  The people in the organization are cool, fun, supportive and inspiring.

What is your spiel you give people when they ask why should I join?

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