Sunday, April 21, 2019

Last night The ASSITEJ International Award for Artisitic Excellence was awarded. Nominees included the United States’s very own Barry Kornhauser. TYA USA President Lenora Brown received his certificate of nomination on his behalf. And the winner is…. Theatre La Baracca (Roberto and Valeria Frabetti) from Italy. La Baracca is known as a pioneer in the “baby theatre” field. For over twenty years they specialized in performances for the under 4 set.

Kim Peter Kovac and ASSITEJ President Director Professor Wolfgang Schneider enjoy a beverage before the ceremony.

Valeria Frabetti toasts the crowd and thanks them for their award.

A choir of African delgates serenades Niclas Malmcrona (Sweden) the ASSITEJ Secretary General who is finishing his term at the end of this congress.

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    1. fin

      dear ernie and co,

      so lovely to see photos and faces from what now seems like a long time ago. was most fun meeting you, and having a hotel soiree, and partying and artying. hopefully making my way over stateside soon, and then it’s theatre and amish theme parks til we drop.

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