Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forums

Today’s forum wasn’t “Where is the green sheep?”… that’s a show that opens Saturday…but “Where is the art heading?”. The forum special guests were members of the Next Generation.

The Next Generation participants prepare to take the forum floor… after taking to the dance floor the night before!

Norifumi Hida (Japan) listens to the open remarks while Tim McGarry looks over his notes.

Roaxane Schroder-Arce (USA) shares her ideas.

Finegan Kruckmeyer (Australia) shares his thoughts with Daniel Ssettaba (Uganda) and Jacob Boehme (Australia).

As the forum opened up for discussion, audience member and Nextie Claudia Mayer, former Executive Assistant of ASSITEJ International, described where she thought art was headed and what it means to be “next”. Click on the following link to hear her address the room. (The sound may be quiet at first… but no worries… she’s there.) Click on:


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