Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The past few days of the congress have been a whirlwind of forums and fun!

Noel Jordan (Australia) discusses writing for young audiences with Angela Betzien (Australia) and Suzanne Osten (Sweden). Betzien, who is represented by two plays in the festival, encouraged playwrights to use humor, hope, danger, action, relevance, and truth in their work.

Director of the City Theatre of Stockholm, Osten (seated to the left in the read coat) took time to meet with the American delegation to discuss her Babydrama project. Osten collaborated with psychoanalyst Ann Sofie Barnay (seated next to Osten on her right)  to create a play especially for infants 6-12 months. Unlike other child like baby theatre pieces, this hour and twenty minute play chronicled an individuals creation story and focused on “how you became you”.

Sake to us! The Asian delegations threw one heck of a party the other evening. Many are still recovering from all that fun!

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