Sunday, February 25, 2018

Survey says…what exactly?

A good friend and fellow TYA-er, recently passed on a VERY interesting tidbit of info to me. After seeing the Roundabout’s new revival of SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE, this friend was invited to go online and answer an audience poll. The funny thing about the poll is that it doesn’t have as much to do with the actual production as it does deal with the ideas of the play. To quote my friend from her email, “The poll is asking us to engage with the show, but not asking what we thought of it.” So of course I had to check it out….

After taking the poll myself, I wondered …so what is at the heart of this matter? Is this just a marketing tool? I logged on, answered questsions, gave an email address, and then have the potential to win stuff… so is marketing at the heart of this?

Or is this some sort of new type of dramaturgy? It’s making me think about the ideas in a play after I see it… make life connections to the art I just saw…. it’s like a lobby display…but in my online mailbox…

Is this for artistic feedback? So the Roundabout can assess they touch people?

It’s a curious little poll… that still has me wondering “why” and wondering if we could do this in our TYA worlds. But then again, how much feedback are we looking for from our audiences? If I altered a poll like this for my own pruposes, do I want to know what fairy tale character a child associates with…and once I have that info what do I do with it?

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