Sunday, April 21, 2019

Has anyone checked out the March 2008 copy of AMERICAN THEATRE?

I know it just arrived, but, as is my tradition, I stopped everything that I should have done the other day when it arrived and began reading. One article, “Come Back, Little Audience Member,” I thought was so interesting.

The article follows two theatre companies, The Neo Futurists in Chicago and Sledgehammer Theatre in San Diego, who have begun to adopt a pay for a ticket once and see a show for unlimited repeat viewings policy. Yes… you read that right. It’s a pay once and return as often as you like policy for a show. Eric Bernhard, the president of the Sledgehammer Theatre board descibes the policy, “We wanted our audience members to feel like co-conspirators in this crime we were committing against traditional theatre.”

Reading this anti-establishment stratedgy, I wondered if this idea would work for TYA audiences. To me it screams as a successful way to get teens in the theatre…. I wonder if moms and dads would enjoy it too?

You gotta check it out! Page 46!


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    1. I love it. I wish that I had been able to offer that for one of my recent productions. If folks come back, not only is it great for building the relationship with that audience but those folks are most likely going to come back with someone who has not seen the show! (And gawd knows that there will be a couple of empty seats in need of filling…)

      When I saw Antigone at Children’s Theatre Company, an audience filled with teens, I bet that this policy would have worked brilliantly.

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